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Revel in the game.  Enjoy sophistication, precision 3D-effects, breathability,
lightness and comfort with Sanko fabrics for Golf and Tennis

In tennis and golf
we’re in a different world;
just the game and
the company we keep.
Sole purpose:
enjoy to the fullest
Discover the Product
Sanko's unique Shine,
Carmelina and
Lal fabrics combine
great breathability with
style flexibility,
sustainability and stretch
Discover the Product


Extend your dreams with Sanko’s innovative natural fabrics, 
Smart Shape, foggy mosaic and core-spun jerseys and piqués:

- Achieve higher performance levels for cotton-based fabrics

- Combine innovations for sweat-handling, breathable performance cotton

- Free yourself to achieve new combinations of advantages and style

- Stay cool in natural-based fabrics with cool-touch

We care what you wear