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The adrenaline rush of a steep climb, the thrill of mountain vistas. The freedom of
high-tech natural-based fabrics with weather resistance, moisture management and stretch.

Unbound from
urban life, we revel
 in the freedom and
freshness of the
great outdoors.
Exercise, exhilaration,
nature become one
Discover the Product
Sanko's unique Montague,
Peleus or Elita fabrics
combine high-tech cotton
with great looks
and performance
Discover the Product


Escape the everyday, with Sanko’s specialized outdoor fabrics, enabling you to:

- Innovate with color injects, 3D look, back-to-front effects, new textures

- Surpass expectations with sweat-handling, breathable high-tech performance cotton

- Stay comfy in ultra dry naturals with moisture management and weather protection

- Free yourself to combine seemingly contradictory fabric benefits and looks

- Gain positive reputation through Sanko’s traceability and sustainability initiatives

We care what you wear