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Revel in the supreme supple comfort of Sanko’s UltraSoft fabrics
for activewear and casual with a warm but breezy feeling and reduced pilling

Free-up your design 
creativity to utilize textures
and fleece with a surprisingly
soft and supple touch appeal 
without concern for lint
Discover the Product
Consult with the Sanko Textiles
Innovation Center
for specific solutions
using UltraSoft that take
your collection to the
next level
Discover the Product


 Sanko Textile’s UltraSoft® fabrics achieve new levels of softness and supple comfort

- Achieves new levels of super-Soft touch, suppleness and silkiness
- Suppleness adds interest and appeal to fleece, which is not normally soft in touch
- Available in a wide range of fabrics and textures

We care what you wear