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Take advantage of the ultimate comfort of 100% pure cotton
on the skin with the stretch and fit of Lycra® or elastane

Specify your own preferences
in terms of elasticity,
composition, texture and
knit in close partnership
with the Sanko Textiles
Innovation Center
Discover the Product
Enhance your Core Spun 
fabrics with specific options
for weather resistance,
moisture management,
trackability and sustainability
Discover the Product


 Dual Core fabrics combine controlled stretch and fit with a wide variety of configurations

- The ultimate comfort of 100% cotton on the skin
- No bagging, no sagging, no stretch out
- Amazing Comfort, unparalleled ease of movement, flexibility
- Choose from a huge variety of pre-configured fabrics
- Partner with Sanko Textiles Innovation Center for custom configuration to your specific needs
- Combine with options and features to enhance performance and appearance
- Long-lasting fit and stretch despite frequent washing

We care what you wear