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Zeugma® Fabrics

Zeugma® is Sanko’s exclusive chemical-free moisture management yarn
that enables cotton fabrics to transfer moisture away from the skin and dry faster

Zeugma® yarns provide
the wearer with the ultimate
comfort of chemical-free
100% pure cotton on the skin,
evenwith stretch versions of
Zeugma® with elastane or Lycra®
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Zeugma® fabrics feel drier than conventional cotton, and more comfortable than synthetic fibers, which claim to wick moisture, but often fail to provide true one-way movement of moisture.
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 Zeugma® wicks moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric and spreads it over
a wider surface area where it can dry faster, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

Zeugma® chemical-free moisture management yarns help keep the wearer dry during exercise

- 100% pure cotton touching the skin for super comfort
- Exclusive Sanko Textiles Technology
- Zeugma® yarns wick away moisture, fabric dries faster
- Excellent breathability, stays dry on the skin much longer
- Available in 4-way stretch with Lycra or elastane
- Less pilling and lint - smoother, brighter colors
- Lasts longer without visible wear and is stronger
- Available in a wide range of configurations, including GOTS organic

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