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The Sanko Foundation was established by SANKO Holding and the Konukoğlu family in 1989.
As per its charter, the Foundation is primarily active in health and education.

Sanko Foundation operates a large number of schools, trade schools, universities and colleges
in the southern region of Turkey.  The foundation also operates two medical centers
and a major hospital. The foundation is responsible for building fifteen mosques,
and operates or funds an art gallery and other institutions.

The foundation has an extensive program of educational scholarships, and large programs
for health assistance, literacy courses, food and clothing programs for the disadvantaged
as well as assistance for disabled and elderly persons.  The Foundation also assists
in distribution of internships and training programs for industry.

The foundation was granted tax exemption by the Council of
Ministers Decree no: 95/7663 of 20 Dec 1995.           
The majority of the Foundations’ income comes through donations by Konukoğlu Family
and the companies within the SANKO Group. In 1997, the Foundation was chosen
the Foundation of the Year in the field of “Health and Education” amongst
4500 similar foundations.


Address: Burak Mh.
Sani Konukoğlu Blv.
No:223, 27090 Gaziantep

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