Sanko Textile fabrics have been the backbone of global casualwear fashion brands for decades

We have an advanced machinery park offering an extensive range of spinning technologies as well as fiber and fabric varieties

The preferred choice of casualwear brands

Explore Sanko Textile’s Casualwear Apparel Fabric Selection

Sanko Textile’s casualwear fabric collection emphasizes personal style, comfort, individuality, authenticity and innovation over formality, conformity and presentation. Plus unmatched quality, longevity, elasticity, strength and color retention for uncompromising everyday wear, even for work.

  • Forrest

    93% Organic Cotton / 7% Biodegradable Elastane170 gsmJersey

  • Mystic Wood

    47% MicroModal / 47% Organic Cotton / 6% Biodegradable Elastane150 gsmJersey

  • Invisible Sunset

    85% Supima® Cotton / 15% Biodegradable Elastane150 gsmInterlock

  • Flawless

    45% MicroModal / 45% Organic Cotton / 10% Biodegradable Elastane175 gsmJersey

  • Shine

    100% Organic Cotton150 gsmJersey

  • Smooth River

    100% Organic Cotton155 gsmJersey

  • Bluejay

    95% Organic Cotton / 5% Biodegradable Elastane155 gsmJersey

  • Powerful Earth

    87% Organic Cotton / 13% Biodegradable Elastane180 gsmRib

  • Calm Space

    76% Organic Cotton / 24% Eco-Polyester210 gsmInterlock

  • Match

    96% Organic Cotton / 4% Biodegradable Elastane220 gsmFleece

  • Soft Ocean

    88% Modal / 12% Biodegradable Elastane290 gsmInterlock

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