“True success is being honest in our every action, including those towards nature, people and all other creatures on our planet.”

We believe we must look beyond sustainability and learn how to imitate nature. We must become a company that’s not only sustainable, but that helps nature thrive.

We work towards a 100% circular future by following Cradle to Cradle principles. We strive to become like a tree: highly productive, 100% biodegradable and 100% in harmony with the cycle of nature.

We aim to develop manufacturing systems, designs, safe and healthy textiles and raw materials that help our planet thrive.

Transforming ourselves to become a “Tree Company” is a long journey, requiring support from all stakeholders in our industry. We believe we can achieve it and are stronger together.

We welcome all our partners and customers to join us in this journey. Together, we can build the future of our industry and make the world a better place.


With 118 years of responsible business practices, Sanko Textile has grown as the cornerstone of Sanko Holding, one of the strongest corporations in Turkey. As a heritage company, we have a great responsibility and opportunity to ensure we work to benefit of our people and our planet.